Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The switch

Comedy Joke Title:The switch
Joke Description:

Farmer Brown and his wife were working in the field one day about dusk.

As they were heading back to the house they saw a bunch of strange lights way out in the field.

Upon ariving Farmer Brown and his wife saw a spaceship landing. They were approached by two aliens.

The aliens said they were researching human sex life and wanted to know if they could partner switch.

After talking it over Farmer Brown and his wife agreed. The next morning the aliens left.

Farmer Brown was dying to ask his wife what happened. Finally he couldn't stand it anymore and broke down and asked her, "Well what happened?"

She replied, "It was the best sex I ever had!"

"Why?" asked Farmer Brown.

"Well when he took off his pants it wasn't but an inch long and as big around as my pinky, but then he reached up and turned his left ear and it grew as to 16 inches, then he turned his right ear and it got as big around as a sausage."

Farmer Brown said, "Well shit, no wonder that bitch was trying to rip my ears off!!"

Submitted by Glaci
Edited by Curtis

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